Socal Word Search.

Social word search a word search game using your Facebook friends list, simply log into Facebook and let the game select ten random names from your friend list. Try and find all ten names in the fastest time. Why not try today by downloading the app from the Windows 8 store, see if you can be quicker than your Facebook friends!

Please note no personal information is stored or used by the Social Word Search app or by Garry Pritchard. You need to log into Facebook so the Social Word Search app can read your Facebook friend list, this list will be used to display ten random names within the word search grid. If you give permission to the app to post on your Facebook wall, the app will only post your time taken to find all ten words and nothing else.

Any questions about the Social word Search app or help on the game please use the contact page to contact Garry Pritchard the app developer.

Why not vist our Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/garrypWordSearch